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About us:


Thank you for taking the time to learn about SoCal United Legal and Attorney Services of Riverside. We are a legal service providing services for the county of Riverside and surrounding counties.  Our mission is to provide the low-income, veterans, our senior citizens and other vulnerable individuals with quality civil legal services. For many, we are their only access to our judicial system.


Our work benefits our clients, our communities and our state. The benefits work to ensure our client find the stability they need so that they may focus on moving forward in life, rather than on their safety or other uncertainties in life. We help clients with an array of legal concerns and issues. From domestic violence victims seeking the help and resources they need for themselves and their children to find justice to Senior citizens who need help with legal disputes concerning their health, safety and welfare.


SoCal United Legal and Attorney Services will be the best at what we do. We offer our clients and community the very best legal services by being efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

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